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Module 4What congregations can do


Checklist for Supporting Families Experiencing Infant or Pregnancy Loss

Click on the PDF file below and use the checklist to assess your church, reviewing each of the questions and using your answers to improve your church's response. You can do the exercise on-screen, or print the PDF out and fill it out on paper.

PDF: Checklist for Supporting Families Experiencing Infant or Pregnancy Loss.

The Community Tool Box

The Community Tool Box, a web site to help community-based organizations, has good resources on setting up and running support groups. Click: Community Tool Box.


Miller, S. ( 2002). Finding hope when a child dies: What other cultures can teach us. New York: Simon and Schuster.


The activities suggested in this module were provided by Alicia Parker, Minister of Comfort and a member of the Health Team, Ministry of New Covenant Church of Philadelphia, registered nurse with Certification in Thanatology.

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