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Data Vignettes – The Gonzales Family

Impact on the Family Caring for a Child with Special Health Care Needs

Once Rosa was born, the Gonzalez family had to deal with a whole set of systems—health, early intervention, their health plan, etc. Their limited English skills made these interactions challenging. Silvia kept working to keep their health insurance. There were so many appointments and Rosa was afraid that if she took off too much time, she would lose her job and their health insurance. So they decided that Juan would have to take charge of keeping these appointments. This decision meant that Juan’s income is dramatically reduced. Their dream of making money, sending it home and becoming more successful is not working out.

With Juan’s ability to work decreased, the family struggled. Like 84.75% of children with special health care needs whose families speak primarily Spanish, Rosa lives below 199% of Federal Poverty Level (FPL). See graph below.


Percent of CSHCN Living Below 199% of Federal Poverty Level
Percent of CSHCN Living Below 199% of Federal Poverty Level


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