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Data Vignettes – Tammy and William Green

Tammy and William Green Tammy Green had always been a good student and was pleased and proud when she successfully finished her training to be a Paralegal. She moved from her small hometown, to a large city to take a well-paying job in a large law firm. While living in the city, Tammy met a young man, John, and they started dating.

After several months, Tammy was pregnant. The couple was thrilled and began planning a wedding for the following spring. Their excitement was interrupted, however, when John’s National Guard unit was called up and deployed to Iraq. John suggested that they get married before he left, but Tammy was determined to have her dream church wedding.

Tammy was excited about the baby, but a little sad that she would be so far from her family at a time when she needed supports. She knew, however, that her income in the city would be much higher than any kind of work in her hometown. As she waited for her first born and her fiancé’s return, Tammy began planning for how she would continue her career after the baby. Then tragedy struck. Tammy was notified that John was killed in action in Iraq. Since they were not married, she was not eligible for any benefits from John’s civilian job. She was now on her own to await her baby’s birth.


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