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Division of MCH Workforce Development

Curricula Enhancement Modules

The curricula enhancement modules were designed to:

  • Assist faculty in incorporating five key content areas into existing curricula that are important to cultural and linguistic competence in public health.
  • Provide a set of defined areas of knowledge, skills, and awareness related to each core content area.
  • Offer relevant materials, articles, publications, and other multimedia resources for each core content area.
  • Provide faculty with instructional and self-discovery strategies.

The modules can be viewed online or downloaded for printing.

Please register to view the modules here.


Rationale for Cultural and Linguistic Competence

About This Project

The purpose of the Division of MCH Workforce Development Project of the National Center for Cultural Competence (NCCC) is to increase the capacity of DRTE-funded programs to incorporate principles and practices of cultural and linguistic competency in all aspects of leadership training.

Specifically, the NCCC is developing a series of modules that focus on four key curricula content areas in cultural and linguistic competency that are essential to health care practitioners, and specifically designed for use by faculty in DRTE-funded interdisciplinary and disciplinary education programs. These four curricula enhancement modules are

  • Cultural Awareness
  • Cultural Self-assessment
  • Process of Inquiry/Communicating in a Multicultural Environment
  • Public Health in a Multicultural Environment

The topics for these modules were developed by a work group of selected DRTE personnel and grantees and other experts in the field.

Current activities

  • Community of Learners for DRTE: Curricula Enhancement Workgroup
  • Participation in MCH Training workgroups
  • Web-based technical assistance – providing curricula enhancement updates
  • Knowledge development and dissemination: Collect and analyze data on use of curricula enhancement modules

Resource Spotlight

The MCH Timeline

This is an online tool that presents milestones in the history of maternal and child health in the United States. Clicking on each milestone on the timeline will display images, facts, historical context and links about that event.

It also provides in-depth modules on topics including infant mortality, systems of care, and public health 101.

Selected Resources

Links to DRTE Project Partners

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